CAMS is an initiative of Venture Center  and has been created with the generous support of DBTs BIRAC as a resource center for foster collaboration between researchers and industrial/ entrepreneurial organizations leveraging mass spectrometry. CAMS started its operation in October 2013 with a high resolution mass spectrometer (QTOF MS from Agilent technologies).  CAMS is one of the most utilized mass spectrometry service facilities in western India.


  • Open access high end equipment facility
  • Successful demonstration of high utilization (100%) and sustainability
  • Helping researchers and entrepreneurs with in-depth analysis and timely results
  • Major services include proteomics, pharmaceutical and small molecules analysis


  • Equipment lab (245 sqft)
  • Sample preparation lab (100sqft)
  • Office space (115sqft)


  • High resolution QTOF-MS
  • UHPLC /Nano Flow LC
  • Gas Chromatograph with MS
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Domain served ( till April 2018)