Proof-of-concept studies

Carry out proof-of-concept studies to demonstrate and de-risk technologies/product offerings/ service offerings based on mass spectrometry techniques

Technology translation

Develop technology translation models to leverage mass spectrometry research in research institutions in the region

Mass Spectrometry Services

Specialized mass spec analytical services for entrepreneurs and industries


Act as a node bringing together mass spec manufacturers, academic and industry researchers and entrepreneurs to create greater impact

Technical workshops

Workshops and training programs to increase awareness and use of mass spectrometry based tools

The Center for Applications of Mass Spectrometry (CAMS) is a facility developed and managed by the BioIncubator at Venture Center, NCL Innovation Park, Pune, India as a resource center for foster collaboration between researchers and industrial/ entrepreneurial organizations leveraging mass spectrometry.

CAMS have a specific focus and emphasis on technology advancement, industrial applications and new venture creation (especially services leveraging mass spectroscopy to create value and tools enhancing the applicability of mass spectrometry). The Center aims to foster collaboration between researchers and industrial/ entrepreneurial companies.

CAMS is an initiative of Venture Center ( a technology business incubator hosted by CSIR-NCL) and has been created with the generous support of DBTs BIRAC.

Focus Areas

Biotechnology | Pharma | BioPharma | Clinical | Food | Environmental

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