Venture Center’s lab facility visit by students of (12th Std-Science) DAV School Pune

34 enthusiast student of DAV School Pune visited Venture center’s laboratory facility. It was a very good opportunity for all of us to learn how to communicate scientific facts to student in appropriate and simple way.  All the students were very excited to see what they are studying in their text book.

During interaction when I asked students about their ambitions, I was surprised to see clarity in thoughts and high motivation in selecting respective career path. In fact some of the students showed keen interest in entrepreneurship. I feel having such clarity is a blessing for students in such era where lot of misinformation available on various media.

There was several learning for us also. For example, to demonstrate how chromatography works, we did an exercise with student where two parallel rows of students ( 4 in each row) facing each other were made. One row was labelled as stationary phase (SP) and another row as mobile phase (MP). Two students act as molecules. Now these two molecules had to pass between stationary and mobile phases and get separated due to interaction with SP/MP. With this simple exercise we could demonstrate how separation happen between two phases in chromatography.

Some of the pictures of their visit

All students wrote very interesting feedback. See some of the feedback


Overall it was an nice experience for students as well for us. We really appreciate the efforts and motivation of the DAV teachers.

Venture Center team: Sujaya Ingle, Sayali Kothmire, Madhulika Bapat, Edna Joseph, Soma Chattopadhyay, Dr. Manisha Premnath


-Dr. Ajeet Singh

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